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geiger counter

VEL SUBSEA Geiger Counter

The Geiger counter is a tool that detects and measures beta, gamma and x-rays, and is a valuable tool if one deal with or potentially deals with hazardous materials, want to detect x-ray leaks or find radioactive rocks and/or minerals.

We have different versions of our Geiger Counter from handheld units to ROV tools that can be used down to 6000 meters below sea level. 


Energy sensitivity:

Beta / gamma / X-rays: min 35 keV

Gamma sensitivity: 450 CPM/mR/hr


Calibrated to Cesium-137 (Cs137)

Accuracy: ±10% Typical (±15% Maximum)


Comes with a display and a logging unit on a Windows PC

rov TOOL

Can be used on any ROV / AUV system.

Can be used for emergency preparedness, nuclear incidents or accidents and first response.

logging unit

Communicates using a RS 232 (optional are RS 485 or IP).

Has a direct conversion to all common units for radioactive measurements.

A logging unit is supplied with the geiger counter to access and read the log. The computer is delivered in a separate tool case.

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